AtoZdatabases is the Premier Job Search, Reference & Mailing List Database including 30 million business & executive profiles & 240 million residents.

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How does AtoZdatabases compile its 30 million U.S. businesses & Executives file?

The AtoZ Business Database of 30 million U.S. businesses & executives is multi-sourced to ensure maximum coverage. Our business database is compiled from data sources including new telephone connects, Secretary of State Filings, national directory assistance data, annual reports, SEC filings, corporate registers, public records, thousands of yellow and white page directories and specialty business directories.

How does AtoZdatabases compile its 240 million U.S residents file?

The AtoZ Residential Database of 240 million U.S. residents is multi-sourced to ensure maximum coverage. Our residential database is compiled from data sources including thousands of white pages, national directory assistance data, real estate deed and tax information, voter registration data, mail order data, warranty cards, and many other sources.

What are the main features and benefits of the AtoZdatabases?

  • Most comprehensive coverage on businesses in the U.S.
  • We have more database search selects than any other competitor.
  • Universal search technology lets you search single elements across multiple databases to ensure quicker and comprehensive results.
  • Multi sourced data with monthly updates.
  • Ability to email profile to patrons and co-workers.
  • The ability to download 1000 records per search, with no limit on overall download.
  • Triple-Verified Business Database.


This month’s AtoZ Focus -- Identifying New Businesses.

Even During the Pandemic - We still have added Over 50,000 New Businesses Weekly!

“Strike While the Iron is HOT” and contact these new businesses before they have chosen their suppliers and vendors. New Businesses need a lot of NEW Services such as: Security/Alarms, Janitorial Services, Waste Removal, Electronics, Office Furniture, Lawn Maintenance, and much more.

Now is the chance for your patrons to connect with these New Businesses in their area and show them how to find new customers during this important initial start-up period. AtoZdatabases is your Trusted Source for New Businesses. These New Movers and New Homeowners are acquired through multiple sources including register of deeds records, new phone connects, utility connections, and self-reported information from websites offering services to those moving.

In addition, we use multiple providers to ensure coverage of real, operating businesses around the U.S. The key to the AtoZdatabases process is intelligent filtering to remove non-operating shell companies or "fake" businesses which are just additional telephone connections, rather than a unique business location. New Businesses are updated in on a weekly basis and you are assured of getting quality information at all times.

Plus, if you think the list is too big, reduce the total and zero in on your best prospects by ZIP Code, Business Type, SIC Codes, Area Code, multiple Geographic selects and even Time Frame of start-up.