Outreach Services

Senior Living Outreach

  • Just as with book exchange locations, racks and shelving is available for use in assisted living centers and nursing homes for residents to enjoy at their leisure without the need to formally check them out. SEOLS keeps a reserve of large print titles on hand to accommodate those who struggle with smaller print.
  • SEOLS also offers activities and programming that can be brought into the facilities and led by a SEOLS staff member. These range from story times, to arts and crafts to current event discussions with any materials needed provided by the library system.
  • Travel to a SEOLS library or reading room isn’t always possible for those with physical or mental limitations. It can also be time consuming and costly for facilities to supply transportation for outings. Therefore, we take pride in bringing some of what the library offers to them.

Daycare & School Outreach

  • There are a number of ways SEOLS can help in child care and school settings. Story Times, where a library staff member comes into a classroom or daycare to share stories, songs and games is always available with very little planning or preparation from teachers or caregivers needed. Public schools systems are invited to take advantage of our Student Access Cards that open up so many online opportunities for students as well as physical checkouts and more. Outreach Services can also arrange informative presentations with knowledgeable speakers when available within a classroom setting on a limited basis.
  • A library is a wonderful source of information, entertainment and creative inspiration for a child but not everyone has access and transportation to visit often. Therefore SEOLS strives to bring library services to the child, encouraging a life long relationship with all a library has to offer and an interest in reading. Outreach visits also help lighten the load for an educator or caregiver when planning learning opportunities and events without the added expense and stress of travelling with young ones.

More Outreach & Resources

SEOLS Reading Centers are located throughout our service area in Red Oak. Kiowa, Pickens, Quinton and McCurtain. These are manned solely with the efforts of our volunteers within these communities.

Contact Outreach Services

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