Citizen Science

Backyard Explorers

SEOLS Backyard Explorers was originally a popular live program presented by Naturalist Heath Stanfield and has been translated to video. Programming during April 2021 included live sessions on Facebook where explorers of every age were able to have their science questions answered by representatives from SEOLS and OSU.

The Backyard Explorers programming includes six exciting topics to encourage young people to get outside and explore the nature around them by inviting them to become naturalists and follow along using the guidebook that can be picked up from any SEOLS location. If you can't make it inside the library, that's ok! Each activity from the logbook is linked below in program order.

New episodes are coming soon!

Become a Backyard Explorer with me, Heath!

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SEOLS and OSU Partnership

Southeast Oklahoma Library System (SEOLS) is excited to announce a partnership with Spotty Rain from the Emerging Technologies and Creativity Research Lab with Oklahoma State University. This partnership comes as part of the Virtual Citizen Science Expo that was held throughout the month of April 2021. The goal of this event was to highlight and promote participation in Oklahoma's citizen science programs while providing quality STEAM events for youth and family audiences. 

SEOLS Backyard Explorers virtual program and other learning opportunities provided by the Virtual Citizen Science Expo was an excellent opportunity for children and families to learn more about local weather and nature.  

Participants can go to their local SEOLS library branch to pick up an activity logbook and other informational materials.