Virtual Exhibits

*March Spotlight* Radio Garden

Radio Garden

Want to listen to radio stations throughout the world in one handy place? Radio Garden allows you to instantly listen to over 10,000 radio stations around the world by simply clicking on the green dot on the globe. You can also search by station, format, city and country too. 

America's Presidents - National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery began to acquire the likenesses of American presidents shortly after the museum was established by Congress in 1962, and a number of portraits, including paintings of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and John F. Kennedy, were already in the collection when the museum opened to the public in 1968.

The Portrait Gallery, whose signature installation is America’s Presidents, is the only public collection to feature portraits of all of the U.S. presidents.

Away From Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories

Boarding School

Away From Home examines an important and often unknown period of American history. Beginning in the 1870s the U.S. government aimed to assimilate American Indians into “civilized” society by placing them in government-operated boarding schools. Children were taken from families and transported to far-away schools where all signs of “Indian-ness” were stripped away. Students were trained for servitude and many went for years without familial contact—events that still have an impact on Native communities today. Sponsored by the Heard Museum.

Black Women's Suffrage

Black Women's Suffrage

The Black Women’s Suffrage Digital Collection is a collaborative project to provide digital access to materials documenting the roles and experiences of Black Women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement and, more broadly, women’s rights, voting rights, and civic activism between the 1850s and 1960.

Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase

The 1904 World's Fair (Louisiana Purchase Exposition) marked the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, a monumental event in U.S. history. Fair organizers set out to celebrate that event and create their own monumental event. It seemed appropriate to set the Fair in St. Louis Missouri, at that time the fourth largest city in the country and part of the land covered by the Treaty.

Fantastic Beasts of the Middle Ages

Fantastic Beasts Middle Ages

Many of the imaginary beasts that populate the modern imagination—like unicorns, dragons, and griffins—appear in medieval manuscript illumination.

How Do Native Peoples and Nations Experience Belonging?

American Indian

This digital exhibit from the National Museum of the American Indian explores one of the essential understandings about Native Americans: that ideals, principles, and practices of citizenship have always been part of American Indian societies. 

Is a Treaty Intended to be Forever?

Treaty Pendant

This digital exhibit provides perspectives from Native American community members, images, documents, and other sources to help understand the difficult choices and consequences Northern Plains Native Nations faced when entering into treaty negotiations with the United States.

Jefferson’s Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

The Jefferson Bible

Thomas Jefferson assembled a private text in 1820, using excerpts from the Four Gospels of the New Testament in Greek, Latin, French and English. His aim was to tell a chronological version of Jesus’ life, distilling his moral teachings, excluding those aspects which appeared to him “contrary to reason.”

Jordan Casteel: Within Reach

Casteel Exhibit

An exhibit of paintings by New York City artist Jordan Casteel is currently on display at the New Museum in Manhattan. A comprehensive video tour on the museum’s site explores the exhibit and includes audio of Casteel discussing her work as well as information from the exhibit’s curator. Casteel’s large paintings are primarily portraits that depict people of color and capture daily life through the lens of the Black community.

Journey through an Exploded Star


The elements that make up nearly all that you are and can see first came from the explosion of a massive star. Step inside one such explosion and explore the forces that connect each of us to the stars.

Life During Wartime: Art in the Age of Coronavirus

Art and Coronavirus

This modern art museum in Tampa, FL, presents an online exhibit focused on art created during the pandemic. All of the artists have their own section on the site, which includes images of their work and written information about their lives.

The Art of Three Faiths: Torah, Bible, Qur'an

Illuminated Manuscript

Copies of the Torah, Christian Bible, and Qur’an are among the most beautifully illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, illustrated here by three remarkable examples from the Getty Museum's collections.

The British Museum of the World

Museum of the World

Welcome to the Museum of the World - an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Encyclopedia


The Encyclopedia, based on the extensive historical researchhas over 280 articles on civil rights movement figures, events, and organizations. It also offers a detailed day-to-day chronology of King's life.

The Pawnee Treaties of 1833 and 1857

Pawnee Scene

This digital exhibit provides Native perspectives, images, documents, and other sources to help understand the difficult choices and consequences the Pawnee Nation faced when entering into treaty negotiations with the United States.

WPA Poster Collection

WPA Posters

More than nine hundred original Work Projects Administration (WPA) posters are in the custody of the Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division, constituting the largest WPA holding in the United States. These original silkscreen, lithograph, and woodcut posters were produced between 1936 and 1943. More information.