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Collection Development Policy

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Free and convenient access to ideas, information, and creative expression is vital to the well-being of every citizen. Southeast Oklahoma Library System (SEOLS) supports the ALA Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement. The guidelines contained within this policy are intended to ensure unbiased and inclusive selection of all subjects and topics from diverse viewpoints for all residents living or working in our service areas.

The purpose of SEOLS’ Collection Development Policy is:

a) To provide guidance to the staff in their responsibilities of selection of all materials and maintenance of collections.

b) To inform library customers about the principles of selection used to acquire materials for the libraries and the procedure for customer requests for reconsideration of materials.

Responsibility for Selection

SEOLS staff members, using the criteria listed below, along with reviews and other standard selection tools, select materials for purchase. Library Managers and staff have selection authority delegated to them, but the final authority for selection resides with the Executive Director.

Selection Criteria for Purchasing New Materials

The following criteria are considered by selectors when purchasing new materials:

a) Citizen demand or interest.

b) Inclusion of an unrepresented or underrepresented subject within the current collection.

c) Preference will be given to well-reputed publishers andauthors

d) Artistic or literary merit.

e) Social Significance.

f) Availability of funds.

Local History & Genealogy

Local History Collections of the Southeast Oklahoma Library System will collect primary and secondary resources which have the following scope:

a) History of Oklahoma including Oklahoma territory, Indian Territory, Native American tribes in Oklahoma

b) History of Coal, Choctaw, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, McCurtain, and Pittsburg Counties.

c) History of the American West, pioneers, migration, and the frontier as relating to the settlement of Oklahoma.

The Genealogy collections of the Southeast Oklahoma Library System will collect primary and secondary resources which have the following scope:

a) Coal, Choctaw, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, McCurtain, and Pittsburg Counties.

b) Other Oklahoma counties and states bordering Oklahoma.

c) Common states of origin of Oklahoma settlers.

Formats Not Provided by SEOLS

The following are formats that SEOLS will not provide:

• Rare books: Since it is the public library's function to make materials available to all users, The System does not collect rare or unusual materials that require special handling.

• Textbooks: The System does not buy textbooks used by local schools, colleges or universities.

• Outdated media such as audio cassettes or VHS.

• Works of art.

Policy on Controversial Materials

Inclusion in the Southeast Oklahoma Library System collection is not made on the basis of approval or disapproval by any group or individual. SEOLS subscribes to the American Library Association (ALA) Library Bill of Rights and adheres to those principles outlined in the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View Statements. SEOLS staff select materials on the basis of the total work. Materials are selected to enhance a balanced and diverse collection that can be used by the different communities and individuals that SEOLS serves.

Southeast Oklahoma Library System recognizes that while individuals are free to reject for themselves materials which they do not approve, they cannot restrict the freedom of others. If a resident wishes the System to reconsider material that is in the collection, a Request for Reconsideration form is available at each SEOLS library. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to a Library staff member who will forward it to the Executive Director. Once the form is received, the Executive Director will convene a committee consisting of himself, the Technical Services Librarian, the local library manager, and the city and county trustees of the library at which the item resides. This committee will meet to review the form, as well as the criteria used in selecting the item, and the reasons for including the item in the collection. A written response from the Director will be sent within four weeks.

In the event that the resident who initiated the Request for Reconsideration is not satisfied with the response of the Executive Director, they have 14 days after receiving the written response to contact the Executive Director and request a meeting to discuss the matterIf the resident is not satisfied after this meeting, they may ask to be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Southeast Oklahoma Library System Board.

The Board, after hearing the complaint, may either wish to appoint a special review committee or make a decision regarding the item in question. In either case, a letter will be sent to the resident informing him of the Board's decision. The decision of the Southeast Oklahoma Library System Board is final.

Policy on Gift Materials

The Library may accept any and all gifts of material, subject to the clear understanding that they may be added to the collection, offered for sale to the public, or discarded. The Library does not appraise these donations for income tax purposes, although an acknowledgement of the donation may be given.

Monetary gifts for the purchase of materials may be accepted. Recommendations for subjects or genres are welcomed, but individual title selection duties rest with professional librarians. If requested, donor recognition labels may be added to items purchased with monetary gifts. Materials purchased with gifts made in memory or honor of will receive a correspondingly appropriate recognition label.


Southeast Oklahoma Library System abides by the copyright law of the United States (Title 14, United States Code), which guarantees the intellectual property rights of authors. Media owned and circulated by SEOLS is intended for private use only and any other use including performance in public, in whole or in part is prohibited by law without associated public performance rights.

Collection Maintenance: De-selection, Replacement

A systematic evaluation of materials is made on a regular basis. De-selection (weeding) and replacement decisions, like selection decisions, are based on the overall goals and mission of the library. The following categories of materials should be considered for de-selection: worn or mutilated items; duplicate copies of seldom used titles; materials which contain outdated or inaccurate information; superseded editions of specific titles; and materials no longer of interest or demand. Materials removed from the library collection are declared surplus and may be sold, disposed of or donated to library programs, designated community groups, schools, other libraries, and Friends of the Libraries groups.

App. 6/8/93; rev. 10/11/94 & 10/14/97, 5/8/01, 5/9/06; 10/28/10, 9/17/2017, 6/21/2022

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