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The City of Idabel is replacing all of the AC units at the Idabel Public Library. Due to this renovation, the library will be closed from Friday, July 12th, through Monday, July 15th. We anticipate reopening on Tuesday.

Friends of the Library Policy

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Supporting SEOLS

The purpose of this policy is to define the relationship and responsibilities in working with Friends groups formed to support branches of the Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma.


Any recognized 501C3 non-profit organization of volunteers that aims to assist and support the goals of SEPLSO or its branches is considered a Friends of the Library organization, hereafter referred to as FOL. Friends of the Library may exist in support of a particular branch library.

Support of FOL Activities

SEPLSO shall generally support and assist in the promotion of FOL activities that raise awareness of FOL or raise funds for FOL, provided such activities do not conflict with SEPLSO policy, procedures or activities. Current SEPLSO policies and long range plan will be furnished to each FOL to assist their support of SEPLSO branches. The Executive Director will work with head librarians to make a wish list of items not covered by the library’s normal operating budget available to FOL groups.

Head librarians are expected to communicate regularly with FOL boards and to attend their meetings. Such time shall be considered work time for SEPLSO. Head librarians shall make FOL aware of SEPLSO policy and goals so that they may better direct their library support efforts. FOL are welcome and encouraged to use library meeting room spaces if they are not scheduled for library business.

SEPLSO staff are allowed to collect money on behalf of the FOL with prior approval from the Executive Director.

Donations from FOL

All gifts and donations are subject to the SEPLSO Gifts & Donations Policy.

Conflict of Interest

SEPLSO Staff are allowed to join FOL groups but:

  • May not be an officer in a FOL group,
  • May not conduct bank transactions for a FOL group,
  • May not engage in FOL activities that interfere with their duties as an employee of SEPLSO, and
  • May not count time in service to FOL groups as time worked without the approval of the Executive Director or in the exceptions listed for Head Librarians above.

Discarded Materials

SEPLSO branches are permitted to give to FOL groups discarded informational materials for the purpose of selling. In order to accept discarded materials, FOL groups must commit to organizing and managing sales with their own volunteers and membership. SEPLSO will make library space available for FOL book sales if sufficient notice is provided. Income from book sales organized and conducted by FOL groups shall be retained by the FOL for use at their discretion. Income from book sales organized and conducted by SEPLSO staff may be retained by SEPLSO for use at the local branch that sold the materials or collected and donated to the local FOL group.

App. November 14, 2017

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