Idabel Public Library Temporarily Closed

The City of Idabel is replacing all of the AC units at the Idabel Public Library. Due to this renovation, the library will be closed from Friday, July 12th, through Monday, July 15th. We anticipate reopening on Tuesday.

Internet Use Policy

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Use with caution: the Internet provides access to a worldwide array of information sources. However, Internet sources may provide information that is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, personally offensive, or inappropriate for young people. The Internet must be used responsibly and with caution. The library assumes no responsibility for information provided on the Internet.

Internet Registration required: library Internet users must either: (1) be currently registered borrowers and sign an Internet registration form agreeing to comply with the policy and rules; or (2) provide positive identification and complete an Internet registration form. Any applicant below age 17 and the applicant’s parent must read and acknowledge Internet safety rules for minors.

Parental permission required: anyone below age 17 will not be permitted to use the Internet at the library without written parental permission, and parental guidance and assistance to young people using the Internet is strongly recommended. The library cannot and does not substitute for the parent in fulfilling this responsibility.

Compliance with policies and rules required: library Internet users must comply with all policies and rules including the Library Internet and Computer Use Rules.

Blocking/filtering: the library’s Internet access, including wireless access, is filtered. Users and parents are cautioned that no blocking/filtering technology is completely effective. Temporary disabling of a filter for the purpose of research is possible on written request from an adult.

Loss of Internet use privileges: violations of the law or of library policies and rules will result in the loss of Internet use and/or library borrowing privileges from a minimum of one week to up to two years. Unpaid library charges will result in the loss of Internet use privileges. A person whose privileges have been revoked may participate in a due process review of the library’s decision. Repeat violators may lose privileges for up to five years.

Confidentiality: all library computer use is subject to monitoring by authorized library staff. Actions taken by the library to enforce this policy shall be subject to the same requirements of confidentiality applying to other library uses.

Library has priority on use: when necessary, library staff may preempt the use of an Internet station, even when it is in use.

Wireless Internet access: wireless Internet access is provided at all branches, for use by library customers on the library premises only.

No personal accounts: the library will not provide e-mail accounts to the public, or any other use that would modify the library’s software or occupy space on the library’s computers.

Approved 6/11/02; rev. 3/11/03, 7/8/03, 5/9/06, 6/9/09 & 1/10/12

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