Idabel Public Library Temporarily Closed

The City of Idabel is replacing all of the AC units at the Idabel Public Library. Due to this renovation, the library will be closed from Friday, July 12th, through Monday, July 15th. We anticipate reopening on Tuesday.

Meeting Facilities Policy

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The following rules govern the use of designated public meeting rooms or areas of SEOLS

When not required for library purposes, the facilities are available for use. Library-related
organizations, government agencies, and organizations engaged in cultural, civic, educational,
intellectual, or charitable activities shall have first priority in reserving meeting rooms or spaces.

The meeting facilities may not be reserved more than one (1) month in advance except for library
meetings, library-sponsored meetings, library-related meetings, or where a group is required by
law to schedule meetings a longer time in advance. Library programs and related activities will be
given priority should scheduling conflicts arise. No individual or group shall be allowed to
reserve a room more than once per week, but may use a meeting room on a standby basis as they
are available.

Use of meeting rooms are free for library card holders, governmental entities, and 501(c)3 and
501(c)6 non-profit groups if used during normal library hours. Non-card holders, non-501(c)3 or
non-501(c)6 non-profit groups, and for-profit entities may reserve a facility for a fee of $25 paid
by check to Southeast Oklahoma Library System in advance. Individuals and groups may reserve
meeting rooms for after hours if the room has been designed for after-hours access for an additional
fee of $25 paid by check to Southeast Oklahoma Library System in advance.

Any group using any library facilities or equipment within the facility shall be responsible to
management for returning the same, after use, to SEOLS in a good state of cleanliness and good
working order, regardless of whether it be meeting facilities or equipment, ordinary wear and tear
excepted. An authorized representative of a group must sign a form accepting responsibility for
the group's use of the facility and agreeing to comply with this policy before the group may use
the facility. An authorized representative must also complete an attendance form for each use of
the facility.

A $75 cleaning deposit is required anytime food is served in a meeting room. This cash cleaning
deposit shall be returned to user, in whole or in part, depending on if the facility is returned to
management in a state of good cleanliness or good working order, in management’s sole
judgement. Fundraisers held by library support groups are exempt from all fees. The library
reserves the right to monitor all meetings.

Unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the Library Manager, all meetings
must be concluded by the library's closing time, with all people involved off the premises.

Any security needed must be provided by the using group, subject to approval by the Library

No individual or group using a meeting facility shall limit access based on an individual’s race,
color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age,
disability, marital status, military status, genetic information or any other category protected by
federal, state and local laws.

Use of any equipment, including but not limited to televisions, projectors, coffee makers, and DVD
players must be approved by the Library Manager. If equipment is used without permission,
future use of the meeting facility may be denied. If damage to or loss of equipment or furnishings
has occurred, the using group will be held responsible and will be billed for the cost.

This Meeting Facilities Policy shall control the use of meeting facilities in all SEOLS libraries
except when it is specifically superseded by a written official action of the local entity owning the
library building.

Approved 9/8/92; rev. 3/11/03 & 6/14/05 & 6/9/09, 3/19/19, 6/21/22

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