Study Rooms Policy

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PURPOSE: Study Rooms, provided by some of the libraries in the Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma, are to serve the educational, learning, and social needs of the community and are free of charge.

SIGN-IN REQUIRED: All individuals or groups wishing to use the study rooms must sign-in at the customer service desk before use.

TIME LIMITS AND RESERVATIONS: Study rooms are available for reservation. This can be made in person or by phone. Reservations can be made up to twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Otherwise, they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations will be considered cancelled after ten minutes.

Study rooms will be reserved for an amount of time no longer than three (3) hours. If more time is needed, groups or individuals may consult the librarian on duty at the circulation desk. If there are no other reservations pending, more time may be allocated.

All study rooms close fifteen (15) minutes before library closing.

RULES FOR USE: all rules for behavior set forth by SEPLSO must be followed by all groups or individuals using the study rooms.

The posted occupancy limit for the room may not be exceeded.

No furniture may be moved in or out of study rooms without library staff approval.

The Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma (SEPLSO) is not responsible for the personal property of people using the library. Any items found and turned in will be held as “lost and found” for one (1) month. After that time, unclaimed items will be discarded.

Approved 11/11/14

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